Bite Problems

Your bite or occlusion, refers to how your teeth meet when your jaws close together. If your teeth fit together improperly, they may become damaged, with wear, breakage, cracking or mobility and bone loss. You may also experience jaw muscle pain with possible popping or clicking in the jaw joint. Problems of the bite can also affect your speech, jaw position, appearance and the ability to chew properly.

If you suffer from severe headaches, neck and shoulder pain, you may not have linked this with possible jaw problems, known as TMJ syndrome. TMJ is short for 'temporomandibular joint,' which is the joint between your lower jaw and skull. Sometimes these discomforts are muscular in origin and are referred to as myofacial pain dysfunction (MPD) syndrome. Our thorough examination is designed for diagnosing occlusal (bite) problems, including MPD (myofacial pain dysfunction) and TMJ syndrome.

Dr. Fagin may recommend a variety of solutions, including muscular deprogramming with a specifically customized occlusal nightguard and/or bite adjustment. If you experience tooth grinding or clenching, known as bruxism, ask Dr. Fagin about a special custom nightguard to relax your muscles and protect your teeth. Call today for your confidential consultation.