Crowns & Bridges

Perhaps you have broken, worn-down, short or badly shaped teeth. Damaged teeth not only feel uncomfortable, they can be unsightly as well. To help improve appearance and function, Dr. Fagin can artistically craft a restoration, called a crown that covers or caps the teeth.

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Often a tooth is broken down and needs root canal (endodontic) treatment, combined with rebuilding the tooth with a build-up of composite filling material or a post core, utilizing the post and tooth structure to build around, thus providing support and retention for the crown or bridge. At times the breakdown makes the restoration highly compromised and one needs to consider extraction and an implant replacement restoration.

If you have missing teeth, one solution is to have Dr. Fagin create a new tooth attached with a fixed bridge. This non-removable bridge feels natural and avoids the bulky hardware of removable appliances. A bridge securely attaches a new tooth between two existing teeth. Bridges can reduce your risk of gum disease and prevent tooth tipping. A bridge can also improve bite issues, chewing ability and even improve your speech.

Bringing your teeth back to their natural size, shape and color can often be done with the aesthetics of all porcelain materials. Porcelain is a strong, durable material with an excellent cosmetic appearance. If you have an older crown with a dark metal line or perhaps a high smile-line, ask Dr. Fagin about the aesthetics of all porcelain.

To add support and strength to your bridge, Dr. Fagin often utilizes gold and other precious metals. For a superior look, Dr. Fagin and his talented staff will use an artistic eye and their years of expertise to finalize the shape, texture and color of your porcelain crown or bridge. To deliver the highest quality, our crowns and bridges are finessed and completed at our in-house lab.

For the smile, self-confidence and comfort you've always wanted, call Dr. Fagin today for a confidential evaluation.

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