Full Mouth Rehabilitation

As an experienced and highly trained Prosthodontist, Dr. Fagin is often called upon to diagnose and restore a patient's complete dentition. In many cases, patients are referred to Dr. Fagin by their general dentist or specialist due to extensive dental challenges. As with all patients, Dr. Fagin will carefully evaluate all aspects of your dental health, and when necessary, refer you to other specialists for the highest quality supportive care.

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When working as a team, your restorative plan is created by you and Dr. Fagin to meet your individual needs and budget. Your specialized plan drives all aspects of treatment, with Dr. Fagin's staff coordinating the team's efforts. Dr. Fagin can refer you to a number of specialists, including:

  • A Periodontist for gum disease, implant surgery and aesthetic supportive procedures
  • An Endodontist for root canals. In some cases, an implant restoration may prove more predictable over time.
  • An Oral surgeon for extraction and implant surgery
  • An Orthodontist for tooth movement
  • A TMJ specialist (temporomandibular joint) for major joint dysfunction


The difference between my teeth before and after is vast and I can not express how thankful I am to you and your staff. I love my new teeth and I loved that they were ready by my Wedding Day. It was a long journey, but the end result was wonderful. I smile more often now and I am not embarrassed by my mouth. Your work is truly amazing and I will look at my Wedding Pictures for years to come and always be happy with my decision to go through with everything. Thank you so much!