Implant Dentistry



What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are shaped similar to the root of a tooth and are made of a Titanium alloy that the jaw bone is very compatible with and actually integrates to it. Various types of components screw onto the implants to support dentures, crowns and bridges.


Implant or Tooth Supported Over-dentures


Change your life today!

Having been doing Implant Supported Over-dentures for almost 20 years, the excitement that comes from our patients continues over the years. Most are happy to speak with you about their experience and why they would strongly encourage you to share in their positive quality of life changes. 



Don't Let Your Teeth Nor Your Smile Limit Your Life!

The HYBRID IMPLANT SUPPORTED BRIDGE eliminates many problems for the edentulous patient. With ongoing decay, root canals, bridgework, tooth loss, and expenses over the years, sometimes dental implants can be a cost effective solution. Unhappy with current dentures, affecting your ability to eat and speak, and causing you Dental Implants, whether with the Hybrid Fixed Bridge or a Bar-Supported Removable Overdenture, helps preserve bone, restore stability and function, and help maintain your facial appearance.
Is this the answer for you?
What are your long term wants and needs? For those with advanced dental disease, having bone loss, decay, missing teeth, and esthetic issues, implants can be a great option. They are not a magic bullet, as daily home care and regular professional cleanings and maintainance are necessary to protect your investment. But if you want to join so many others whose lives have been dramatically improved with implant dentistry, it's worth it. Don't wait for pain to cause you greater problems and distress.

Let's talk about your concerns and evaluate your options. Call us to ask questions and discuss your concerns or schedule your comprehensive examination. We will develop a customized treatment plan to meet your needs and help you make the best choice that fits within your financial comfort zone. Feel young again! It's like having you teeth back again, restoring confidence and comfort. Call today.