Dr. Fagin In the News

International Lecturer, Dr. Marshall Fagin, Spoke During

10-day Cruise aboard Jewel of the Seas on Jaw Disease-

BUFFALO, N.Y. – With ports of call in the eastern Caribbean, it’s hard to believe that over 80 dentists and staff were onboard a cruise ship for work.  For Dr. Marshall Fagin, a Prosthodontist in Williamsville, lecturing on board a 2200 passenger ship was business as usual.

            “Primarily, I spoke to my colleagues about where function and esthetics meet with Biofunctional Cosmetic Dentistry,” said Fagin.  “One of the main goals was to enlighten my contemporaries on meeting the occlusal challenge, which is identifying and integrating esthetic changes with the need for corrections in the bite, a topic dentists are eager to learn more about.”

            Occlusal disease can cause problems with some or all of the components of the masticatory (chewing) system – teeth, supporting bone, gums, Temporomandibular joint and muscles.  More importantly, if the bite is not properly designed, the new esthetic restorations can fail much sooner, and possibly lead to tooth mobility, bone loss, muscle discomfort and loss or breakage of restorations and teeth.

            Many problems of occlusal disease are characterized by disproportionate or unusually accelerated tooth wear, frequently caused by back teeth hitting in a glancing manner.  Ideally, the human bite has the cusps of the back teeth resting perfectly in the depressions of the opposing teeth, with the two joints fully seated in an unstrained relationship.

Dr. Fagin offers these signs of occlusal disease:

  • Clenched jaw muscles for long periods of time.
  • Jaw muscles are tired and sore in morning from
  • Jaw clicks or pops upon opening and closing.
  • Head or scalp is painful to the touch.
  • Sense of Fullness in the ear.
  • Periodontal breakdown of gums and bone around teeth, with tooth mobility
  • Tooth wear and root abfraction (notching at gum line)
  • Neck, shoulder or back pain.
  • overnight clenching or grinding of the teeth.

At the conclusion of the program participants will have learned how to simplify comprehensive occlusal exams, know the four steps of occlusal equilibration and understand how to select and carry out varied techniques that Dr. Fagin practices for tooth preparation, temporization and completion of Esthetic Smile Makeovers.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, one in eight Americans suffers from headaches with 80 percent of these headaches estimated to be caused by muscle tension from poor bites.

           “The National Institute of Health estimates that 10 million Americans have problems affecting their jaw joints and muscles,” said Fagin.  “By treating occlusal disease, patients will sleep better, have more energy and will be able to perform in their daily activities with greater zeal.”

Marshall Fagin, D.D.S., a Prosthodontist, has been serving Western New York for 30   years.  Dr. Fagin’s specialty practice includes Cosmetic Dentistry, Full-Mouth Reconstruction, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, and Implant Dentistry. He frequently educates his colleagues on the most recent advances in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry and was awarded Diplomat Status by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in 1994.  Artistic in creating natural looking beautiful smiles in private practice, he also lectures across the United States and Canada on Cosmetic Dentistry and Functional Esthetics, Fixed Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry. He was selected by his colleagues to “Best Dentists in America” in 2004/2005.  Dr. Fagin practices in Williamsville and Rochester, N.Y.